I got a real good 40 time…

Calvin and Hobbes is one of my favorite comic strips ever, mostly because I  literally was Calvin. I have never really outgrown the mischievous stage of a precocious six year old, and don’t think I truly ever will.  But, the reason I can muse with this strip is because of how well it represents our walk with God.  Other than the fact that Calvin ran from his Mom, (God is not female) it really is a perfect representation of how we run from Christ.

We Run, God chases. It’s never the other way around. (Rom 3.11) Christ chased after us all throughout time and it culminated at the Cross (though it’s not complete).  Christ cleared the proverbial hedge in order to pull us under His wing, Calvin’s Mom did the same thing for him. At the time, Calvin didn’t recognize that it was for his benefit, the chasing, the tearing away from what he wanted (playing ‘Spaceman Spiff’ in the backyard) to lead him toward something better…

I am directly parallel with Calvin here. I have an affinity for creating idols in my life, it’s easy and I am extremely good at it. Thankfully Christ has run me down, taken me out at the legs, and hog tied me with the Gospel. I still writhe, squeal, and try to bite, but Jesus always cuts me off at the chase.

Take a look at the book of Jonah, you’ll see a prophet mulling over his own racism and bigotry. Blatantly refusing to declare to Nineveh, the glory of Gods mercy. Despite Jonahs rejection of the Lords leading, God still goes after him, Having him tossed in the ocean and gobbled up by some giant fishwhale…

Just imagine how broken we would all be, if the first time we ran, God simply said “Fine, have fun in eternity, wear some shorts.” That would be pretty distressing. Thankfully He doesn’t say that, instead he says “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matt 11.28)

We all may run, but thankfully, Jesus is a much better sprinter then we are.


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