What about us?

Yesterday, I posted a critique of a Church in Texas, but as I was writing it, I couldn’t help but think about my own sin in this area.

That Church is more concerned about Church attendance than the poor and needy in the area, but where is my heart? Am I even concerned with them?

That Church measures growth by how many people attend on a weekend, but where am I getting my hope and sense of success from?

That Church claims to love Christ and desire others to come to him while not bringing the true Jesus. But do I bring the true Gospel?

What are we winning people to?

Let’s stop thinking about the wrong this Church is doing, and think ourselves. Am I winning people to the Gospel? Am I winning them to Jesus?

If not, you are (I am) no better than this Church. They are committing the sin of consumerism; we omit the good of true generosity and Gospel-centered living. Both are terrible sins. Both require repentance.

I don’t say this to minimize the fact that this “luck of the draw” philosophy is against Christ’s glory; I just want to make sure that we (I) am avoiding the false gospel as well. This Easter, and for the rest of our lives, let us remember this: Christ died for our sins, Christ rose again, Christ is our treasure, Christ is our King, Christ is our hope.

We are nothing apart from Him. Don’t spread a message that is not of Him.


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