Guilt as motivation

Guilt is a good motivation for doing things. Think about it, if you feel awful for not doing something for someone else, what do you do? You do it! All the while apologizing for not doing it right away, and hoping that they will forgive you so you wont feel guilty. Great motivation, yes?

Some examples

Many people try guilt as a method of… everything. For example:

  • When you get to heaven, and your friends aren’t there, what do you think they will say? They will be in hell saying, “Why didn’t you tell me!?!?” Do you want that? You will be crying because you will bear that guilt.
  • See these pictures of poor kids starving and dying in other countries? Don’t you feel bad that you went to Starbucks three times this week? You do! Don’t you! So you need to give us that Starbucks money. That’s how you advance the Kingdom.
  • You know how many people have to walk to work, and you drive there? Stop driving. Sell your car. Give it all.
  • You don’t want others to think less of you do you? What will they think of you and your family? So you shouldn’t… (insert potential stumbling block).
  • But I want it! And I love you! Why can’t you just give it to me? I love you! Doesn’t that matter? Don’t you love me?

Isn’t guilt amazing? It can get you to stop sinning, evangelize, do anything!

But is it the best way to do things? Didn’t Jesus come that we might be free from our guilt and shame? If that is true… should we use guilt trips to motivate others? If not, then what should we use?


2 thoughts on “Guilt as motivation

  1. Tim March 31, 2010 / 14:50

    Love should be our motivator. Jesus main motive for coming to die was a love for his people. Not because God guilted him into it. If we as Christians know this love and have it dwelling inside of us then that should be our motive for all things. We are to Love God supremely and our neighbors(everyone we come in contact with). True love comes from God. Guilt and shame are a result of the fall.

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