First off I must admit, I was struggling on how to present Christ’s resurrection here because, as a society, we seem to secularize a lot of things…

I take that back, we secularize everything.

For most of us, this means that Christ’s resurrection is one of those concepts we accede to, but it doesn’t really mean anything to us. The idea is just chillin’ in the back of our minds playing cards with Santa (and probably losing). We don’t seem to understand the true gravity of what it actually means. Let me put it into perspective.

Jesus died.

There really is no simpler way to put it.  But, because of his death, it was made possible for us to be reconciled to our Creator.

I stress the word, possible, because His vicarious sufferings mean absolutely nothing without the resurrection. In fact, if Christ had not risen, it would make Him a liar worthy of His punishment. We would be wasting our time on a worthless Word, and we would all be boned, screwed, doomed, star-crossed, whichever adjective you prefer. There is no way to communicate how bad it would be for us. (unless of course you Google image search epic fail).

In all seriousness, Just imagine what it would be like if Jesus was still in the tomb. There would be quite a few empty seats in heaven. But He did rise from the dead, despite what some people believe, and what we fail to completely comprehend. And it is only because of Christ being alive, that we are reconciled. There would be no forgiveness otherwise.  Again I stress, Jesus is alive, no other religious figure can boast in this. Not Buddha, not Muhammad, not one.

This video of Matt Chandler preaching through Luke 24, does a lot to help solidify how real and true it is that Jesus is alive.

So instead of a day of nice clothes, free candy, and egg laying bunnies (seriously, what the heck is up with that?) In place of that lets focus on the risen Christ, the lover, the conquerer, the King.


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