I know He’s Sovereign, but…

If you have to say that, you don’t really know God is sovereign.

Oh, sure, you can accede to certain Biblical truths about the sovereignty of God: you can quote Psalm 115.3, you know where to find the Scriptural teaching on election, you know where Jesus tells us not to worry. The question is really one of belief. Are we living like we believe in God in all of His majesty?

Scotty Smith posted a prayer over at the Gospel Coalition yesterday that really should hit us where it hurts. Here is an excerpt:

I am humbled and privileged to begin this day acknowledging your dominion as the only eternal dominion. November elections and plane crashes… insurrections and assassinations… conspiracies and tea parties don’t affect your reign one micro-bit. For your kingdom endures from generation to generation. There never has been, nor will there ever be any nervous sweat, furrowed brows or anxious pacing in heaven… not one moment of consternation or vexation in the corridors of paradise… no need for a plan B to emerge from the Big Boardroom.

Why do we live as though God isn’t in control? Why do we truest Jesus only with our salvation? Isn’t His blood and resurrection good enough for our entire lives? Your finances might be down the drain, but God is sovereign over all! You might not know where your life will lead, but God has already planned it out!

Here’s a tip, next time you feel compelled to worry and not trust in our savior, pray. Pray that God will grant you the peace you need, Christ will show you the mercy you long for, and the Spirit will strengthen your weary bones. Rest in His righteous, sovereign hand.

Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases. Ps. 115.3

And seriously, go read that prayer.


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