The Plan

Thanks to some gentle prodding from our friend Josh Cousineau, and Tim’s desire for consistency at this blog, my general apathy has, to some extent, been overcome. Our (or rather, MY) blogging has been very inconsistent. Sometimes it will go weeks before anything shows it’s face, other times, there will be four blogs in a row. This has led to a likewise inconsistent readership, something that Tim would like to see improved.

Our plan

We wish to continue blogging for the glory of God, however it works out. So, for the time being, Tim and I are committing to at least one post each a week. I will post every Monday, and Tim, every Friday. Of course there will still be times when there are more posts than usual, but this will guarantee that if you visit the blog once a week, you are sure to see something new, and this pleases us.

Where you come in

Please feel free to nudge, message, email, tweet, et cetera if we slip back into inconsistent blogging. This system will allow you to encourage us as bloggers just as we hope to encourage you.

Things to look forward to:

We will continue reading, as we love to do. Tim is reading Greg Gilbert’s What Is the Gospel? and will be posting a review shortly. I am likewise working through my reading list and will continue to review books (I have two reviews ready to go!).

Starting this summer, Tim and I plan on meeting weekly with our friend Matt Wallace to study end time events and figure out our Escatalogical beliefs. Expect to see many (controversial) posts from our talks, maybe even some guest posts from our buddy Matt.

So check in often as we blog for Christ’s glory and seek to make much of Him!


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