The Glorification of Sin

I know, I know, so much for consistency already right? My apologies, but the semester is coming to an end and I am pretty much freaking out, as most students do every year at about this time.   Anyway, to the post!

If any of you know me, you would know I’m not really one for politics, arguing yes, politics, not so much. But like most Americans at election time I pretend to know all the issues and all the answers.  The truth is though, morality tends to get the better of me…

And yes, I mean morality.

Funny thing about morality is that as Christians we seem very fond of doing the right thing, fighting social injustice and what not. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my fair share of  good deeds. I’ve tried to be free with what money I have and I’m a veteran short-term missionary.  I even single-handedly saved the galaxy by destroying the death star… oh wait…scratch that.

I’m not saying that good works are bad. Jesus makes this clear in Matthew 5.16

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

The real issue though, lies on the other side of this spectrum.  Sin.

Christ has freed us from the bondage of sin.  As believers we recognize this, appreciate this. But we seem to forget that those not following Jesus don’t have a concept of this, or what sin truly is for that matter.

We must stop thinking of sin just as political and ethical division. Sin offends God, it only irritates us, and only when we think it affects us.  The issue takes yet another turn, in regards to our outspoken nature.

We preach against Gay marriage, against the legalization of Marijuana, against all that God despises. Don’t misunderstand what it is I’m saying. I am most definitely NOT advocating an easy believe-ism. I simply want to  point out that people will not be drawn to our condemnation of them. Paul states it perfectly in 1 Cor. 5.12-13. How much more will Christ be glorified if we purge the malpractice within the Church? If we bring to light the shadows in which we hide? How brightly will our light shine if we are a people who declare that there is

no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus

Romans 8.1

So as the Church, what does this look like? It looks like we need to preach the gospel to each other, impact each other with the gospel, call out each other with the gospel. Then when those people who don’t know Christ see how we treat each other with a love only He can supply. Then they will see how beautiful Christ really is


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