Happy 200th post!

First of all, let me explode like a pinata full of confetti as I confess that this post is our 200th here at Death Nor Life.  So for you stalwart followers, a heartfelt thank you and to those just coming alongside, we also thank you and hope you enjoy the ride.

Hopefully Jakob and myself have told most of you about The Calling on May 8th. If not, I will relish you with a brief synopsis.

The Calling is a youth conference being held on Saturday May 8th at our Church (East Auburn Baptist Church)In Auburn Maine. It has been put together and organized by some of the leadership of Atmosphere, the ministry for which Jakob and myself labor.

But The Calling is more than just a youth conference. To paraphrase my good friend and mentor, Josh Cousineau…

Our hope is that The Calling would be a catalyst for change. That it would be for the growth, of not only youth and youth leaders, but for parents and teachers or just anyone who has a heart for changing this generation and into the next.

“To make God most glorified while we are most satisfied in Him”.  That quip from John Piper, despite becoming somewhat of a staple statement in many christianese conversations, is very significant.  But how can we become satisfied in Christ if we know nothing about Him? How can we declare the hope we have of salvation if we don’t learn, if we’re not acting like the Church Christ calls us to be.

Heck, it’s easy to fight like a church, ignore people like a church, and condemn like a church. (I’m not excluding myself from these) It is altogether different to truly worship a God who, in the greatest sacrifice, saved us from the darkness of our own hearts.

So please join us in learning more about Christ and His Love and Kingship. The declaration of the Gospel is too important for us to put off.  People need Jesus, WE need Jesus.


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