Book Review: Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ

As I was writing the last book review, I realized two things: 1) there is a better alternative to Warren’s book on Christmas, and 2) I recently read it again in preparation for a message on the death and resurrection of Christ.

Short Read

John Piper does a wonderful job of pointing us to the one who saves us. In Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ, Piper brings up his favorite topic: Jesus, God’s glory, and our joy in Him. He again begs the question, “What would happen if we treasured Christ above all?” In simply 13 short chapters, he tells us of Christ’s glory in His death, resurrection, and ascension. We can see, with much Biblical evidence, that Christ is glorious and worthy of all honor and praise as He is God, and He is reigning in heaven now.

Haven’t we heard this before?

Yes, this has been a constant reminder to us from people like Piper, Matt Chandler, Mark Driscoll, Tim Keller, et cetera. But have we really changed? We all need to constantly be reminded of how wonderful Christ is and how worthy of our praise He is. Atmosphere is going through year-long sermon series titled What If? that addresses this issue: What if we actually lived like we treasured Christ? Piper challenges us on this, and this instruction should not be missed.

Teach us to pray

I won’t say that everything in this book is great, but I am hard-pressed to find anything off after three readings of it. Perhaps the greatest portion is the prayer after each chapter. As this was written for anyone (Christian or not) Piper included prayers that could be read and prayer for reflection on the text. There are no promises before or after the prayers, they simply serve to remind the reader who is being written about. They serve as a great encouragement, and this book would be great for any believer or un-believer to read through and study the Bible with.


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