The Calling

Today is the Calling a conference put on by Atmosphere Church for youth leaders, student leaders, pastors and parents. We are excited to have Jared Wilson (author of Your Jesus is too Safe and Abide) with us. He’ll be speaking at the two main sessions and an Afternoon breakout.

While getting ready to head out to the Church for the conference, Justin Taylor‘s blog caught my eye. It’s a great reminder of why conferences like this (and true Gospel preaching) are important:

I once assumed the gospel was simply what non-Christians must believe in order to be saved, but after they believe it, they advance to deeper theological waters.

Jonah helped me realize that the gospel isn’t the first step in a stairway of truths but more like the hub in a wheel of truth.

As Tim Keller explains it, the gospel isn’t simply the ABCs of Christianity, but the A-through-Z.

The gospel doesn’t just ignite the Christian life; it’s the fuel that keeps Christians going every day.

Once God rescues sinners, his plan isn’t to steer them beyond the gospel but to move them more deeply into it.

After all, the only antidote to sin is the gospel—and since Christians remain sinners even after they’re converted, the gospel must be the medicine a Christian takes every day. Since we never leave off sinning, we can never leave the gospel.

-From Tullian Tchividjian’s Surprised by Grace: God’s Relentless Pursuit of Rebels (p. 16)

(HT: JT)


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