Are we too safe?

I have heard it said that God cannot comfort those who are already comfortable. That means us. Us, in the safety of America. Many times throughout the Scriptures we are told not to trust in the world or worse, in ourselves. But we do so often. Why? Why aren’t we trusting in Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith; the God of the universe; the holy, sovereign one; the provider?

Consider Jared Wilson’s message on this from the Calling. Here, he encourages the Church to be cleansed from the “Christian” version of the American dream.

We aren’t suffering

Stephen Altrogge offers this insight into our human desire for safety and comfort:

Jesus didn’t promise me ease and prosperity. He commanded me to take up my cross and promised that each day would have enough trouble of it’s own. Discontent begins to ferment in my heart when I expect something else.

Read the rest, here.

We have been blessed and many of us don’t suffer. We should consider it a blessing that God protects us, but still be mindful of others who are dying. As a missionary to Haiti puts it:

…the thankfulness of blessed and protected people has not changed very much for the hurting, sick, hungry, lost, abused, and afraid.

Be thankful, but prayerful. There are many in need, let’s look beyond ourselves.


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