My brain doesn’t deal well with stress, and  May 30th was one of those days where my synapses just screamed EPIC FAIL all day. My day was full of fairly easily completable objectives though. Picking up a lawn mower, mowing the lawn, time with the family, figuring out how to confront a friend, working on my book, Atmosphere Oak Hill… to name just a few

On the drive back to Auburn from Wales the conversation between Josh and I had, for a few moments died.  In that moment remember looking up at the sky, you know how you do while sitting in the passenger seat of a car, no control over anything really, just conversation and whichever window you happen to be gazing out…

The clouds blurred spectacularly with the setting sun. creating stunning hues of oranges and yellows and pinks, though not too far removed remained the blue we often take for granted. It was utterly beautiful.

In that passing instance,  My cares and worries, at least for a while, simply vanished.  There was no nervous flicking together of my fingers thinking on confrontation. There was no dread of having to return the lawn mower I borrowed.  No worry about any of my own insecurities.  Just an inexplicable comfort brought on by the canvas God had painted for me and anyone else looking at the same sky.

There are so many things that God’s creation makes me think of, so many things I could say to explain why He is beautiful. But none of the reasons would be quite as adequate as Christ.  In contrast to Jesus anything and everything falls far short of beautiful.

The funny thing though is right after that epic moment I went right back to focusing my attention on all my conflicts. My foibles and frailties again took precedence.  How often do we do that? How often do we gaze longingly at the beautiful things God gives us and the beauty of Christ and His work, then we instead say “No thank you I’d rather be depressed and weighed down by my struggles and insecurities”

But thats just another point where Christ becomes more beautiful. In every area of our lives we shove Christ under the bed, to deal quietly with our monsters. But when the creatures come to bare, we would rather fight alone. Though through all of our pushing Christ is still there, the Spirit is still working, and God is still sovereign. Enough for our salvation and enough for a sunset. Simple words for an eternal truth, and one which we need to be reminded of constantly.


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