Josh Cousineau

Yes, that’s right, Josh Cousineau has a new blog!

Josh is the Youth Pastor for EABC where Tim and I serve as Interns (i.e. Josh’s slaves) ministering with the teens at Atmosphere

Here is an excerpt from his first post:

I hope to write a couple of times a week on everything from parenting and marriage, to adoption and ministry. Much of what I post will be in an effort to help equip and encourage people to understand the Gospel and how it is applied to our lives. I will also get very practical recommending books, blogs, conferences, videos, social media tools and much more.

In other words- it’s going to be great. So follow his blog, subscribe to it, do whatever you do! And if enough of you click over there from here, maybe it will convince Josh to put Death Nor Life in one of his promotional boxes on the upper right hand side of his blog! Tim and I would love that!

So why are you still reading this? Go over there now!


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