What We Don’t Know

Two years ago, I led a team of seven to China. Our mission was to aid in bringing the Gospel and encourage Chinese Christians in their faith in Christ. While we were there, we ministered to many people through many ways. One of those people was a woman who translated for us. She was the personal assistant of our unbelieving contact in a certain city and appeared to have it rough. She had one outfit that she wore the whole time we were there and we suspect that she was more that just a personal assistant to this man and we know that she doesn’t (or didn’t) know Christ. So at the end of our stay (we were in that city for four days) my friend Justin did something illegal. He wrote her a letter explaining to her the Gospel in hopes that she would find true joy.

Yeah, it’s illegal

In the months leading up to this trip, I had many conversations with people about what I would be doing there. One girl asked me if I would be preaching in the streets. She knew I was a believer and that this was a mission trip, but was ignorant of the fact that doing so is illegal. I graciously explained that we could be removed from the country for doing that and any Chinese people with us would possibly be imprisoned. This comes as a shock to so many people in America. They think that everyone has the freedom we do. We must graciously inform many, even those within the Church, that that is false.


I am saddened, yet filled with joy when I read articles like this.

Saddened because our brothers and sisters in Christ are being persecuted, imprisoned and murdered for the faith. Saddened that they have to endure it. Saddened that so many don’t think it’s happening.

But I am joyful for them. Joyful that they are being faithful to God’s Word and Mission to save the lost. Joyful that they refuse to give in. Joyful that they continue to serve as examples to believers everywhere of true, Gospel centered mission.

Continue to pray for our brothers and sisters across the globe as they struggle to remain faithful to what God is doing.


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