Since I’m not good

As I wrote Wednesday, I am constantly in need of a savior. I always need Jesus because He is perfect and I am not. I condemn others for their sins but neglect my own and “forget” that I am a sinner. But I can’t stop this by myself.

Community… again

I cannot stress this enough. If you are not in community with other believers who will daily challenge the sinfulness of your heart and the actions your heart brings out, you will not grow as a believer in Christ (see Josh Cousineau‘s sermons on this concept).

For instance, this past week I needed people to call me out on my laziness when I didn’t do what I said I would when I said I’d do it. Just the other day, I needed my girlfriend, Emmalie, to challenge me in my actions towards the sinner I mentioned in Wednesday’s post. I needed the guys in my fight club to hold me up when I was falling into my sinful habits and thoughts.

We need communities that challenge us.

Some resources on Community

They say the smartest people are the ones that quote other smart people, so here are some guys who are smarter than me on community:

Some breakout sessions from LEAD 09:

  1. Extended Q&A with Tim Chester Audio
  2. Fight Club: Gospel-Centered Discipleship: Jonathan Dodson Audio
  3. Gathered Worship=Gospel Encouragement: Josh Otte  Audio

Great messages on community from Lead 09 (Word Press isn’t embedding videos properly, please click through)

Tim Chester Session 2 | Lead 09 from Atmosphere Church on Vimeo.

Jonathan Dodson Session 5 | Lead09 from Atmosphere Church on Vimeo.

Jonathan Dodson Session 5 Q&A | Lead09 from Atmosphere Church on Vimeo.


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