Dealing with it

So what do we do when we are corrected? Regardless of whether it is coming in a godly manner or not, there are multiple ways in which we sinfully respond to this others:


I’m pretty sure everyone present in the Garden of Eden tried this one. “You gave me this woman, God, and she led me astray” says Adam as he blames God and Eve. Eve replies: “Well, I wouldn’t have done it if the serpent had stayed away!” therefore blaming the serpent and God who created that being. In and odd twist of events, it seems that the only one not casting blame is Satan.

It is our nature to blame others for our actions. But as believers, we have been made new and no longer are bound to the sin that we once clung to.

Make Excuses

“It’s only this once”, “I won’t do it again”, “Staying pure is hard, everyone does it, so why not me?” Do we make these excuses for sin? Are our sins being deemed “mistakes that everyone deals with?” Or are we owning up to them and saying, “Yeah, it’s a sin and I need help. I need a savior”?

Disagree with God

You’ve been caught in sin, you don’t think you’ve been sinning, so God must be wrong. OK, maybe you aren’t that extreme. But the Bible has mistakes in it, right? I mean, it’s such an old book, it can’t possibly be accurate. Even if it bears the exact same message that it used to, it isn’t culturally relevant anymore, right? I mean, who can possibly follow the commands it lays out? This “sin”, as the Bible calls it, is way to fun to let go of. God wants me to have fun, right? Why are you being a killjoy?”

This is the most common thought on biblical correction. It’s the idea that the Bible is not God’s inspired Word. It’s the thought that the Gospel is shameful. But we need to understand the Bible means what it says. Sin is sin and needs to be dealt with no matter how fun it is or how great you appear to the world around you. If you are in sin and people are trying to correct you don’t automatically think they are being judgmental. Pray. Seek God’s face in the matter. Study the Word. He is mighty to save and will heal the sin.


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