Off I go!

If you follow my tweets or are my friend on facebook you know by now that I am off to Sweden today (Sweden, not Switzerland they’re a little far from each other). As many of you know, my mother is from there and our family makes it a tradition to go there every other year. This will be my first trip there since 2006 when God dropped us in Ireland for a weekend on the way (which was awesome).

During my two weeks there, I will join my mother and brother (who are already enjoying their vacation) and touring the country to visit family. Please pray for my family during this time as my dad drives back from Pennsylvania today and my sister returns from Worcester, Massachusetts  during our trip. So… that’s a lot of traveling. But I am hoping for some rest on the way. For starters, after Emmalie (my girlfriend, for those that don’t know) and our friend Laura are taking me down to Boston. After that I have a 2 hour flight followed by an 8 hour flight. I hope to do a bunch of reading during that time unless God has other plans.

So that’s all the good news. The bad news? Whenever I board a plane I have this song stuck in my head. No joke:

At any rate, I’d appreciate your prayers not only for me, but for Atmosphere as well as I am gone and Josh will be gone for about a week while I am overseas. Thanks for praying!

And… because I love you all, here are some great Swedish themed Friends moments:

And this one is at 2:20ish, but I love the reference:


2 thoughts on “Off I go!

  1. prittynachrel August 5, 2010 / 10:01

    Hooray for Friends references! I’ll miss you guys and I can’t wait till we’re all back home as a cute little family.

    Take lots of pictures!

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