I’m Engaged!

I’m sure most of the eight people who read this blog know this, but it is true: last Thursday (9.2.10) I asked my girlfriend Emmalie Fellows to marry me and she said yes! So I figured I would use this post to tell a bit about us.

We met just over a year ago at our school when she began taking classes there. After many conversations and long chats over facebook, we eventually ended up with each other’s phone numbers and moved on from there. On October 25, 2009, I told her I had feelings for her and she agreed to date me- which is interesting because that same night I told her that I was dating with the intention of marrying my next girlfriend (i.e. her). This didn’t scare her off and we proceeded to spend more time with each other and grow into love.

Moving on

Before the end of 2009, we began to talk about marriage more seriously. I knew that I wished to marry her and she was pretty sure about me. As a side note, shortly after Tim Sewall heard about our accident, he said that we were going to get married (she must love me if she let me drive her car home after flipping it!). Over the course of these nine months, we have been praying and seeking God’s guidance in our lives. It has been a long process making sure that this is what God would have for us. But it turned out to be fruitful, as we have decided to share love for each other for the rest of our lives.


We could really use prayer. Seriously. As we are planning this wedding, we are still both attending NEBC, which means that there will be more stressful moments to come this semester (and it only just began). We need patience with those we’ll be working with in this process. We need strength to remain focused on Christ and not one another. This is something that is very foreign to many people: I don’t want Emmalie to be the center of my universe and she doesn’t want me as hers. Christ is greater, he is to be praised and held worthy to direct my life and right now, he is directing us together that we might serve him better. We also do not want to be apart another summer (she was the head cook at Camp Berea this past summer and I was working to get a new job which meant I was broke). Needless to say, it was difficult for us to remain focused on Christ while we were missing time spent together. This also slipped into our visiting times where we weren’t able to concentrate on growing towards Christ together because we were “too busy” working to catch up after the week(s) apart.

Thank you for your prayers! We are looking at a June wedding and are counting the days as they pass.


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