God is Good

When was the last time you said this? When you passed a test? When you made it to work on time? When the weather was just right for the perfect event? Usually we exclaim this phrase when good things happen. Rightly so, because God is a truly good God in those circumstances.

But do we say the same thing when things go wrong? Probably not. Instead, most complain to God about what he is doing to them. The problem is, when we limit our declaration of the goodness of God to when “good” things happen, we are limiting God and the perceived view of God.

Not about me

You’d think that Christians would begin to get the idea by now: it’s not about us, me, you, or anyone else. Life is about Jesus and His Glory. So if everything revolves around God and His righteousness, then His goodness does not depend on my circumstances.

So when the baby wakes you up at 3 AM, God is good. When you are late for work because of traffic or that stupid school bus you got stuck behind, God is good. When the child gets cancer, the grandfather suffers through emphysema, or the mother suffers a miscarriage, God is good and He has ordained these things for His glory. This hurts, but Jesus is our great High Priest who is able to understand everything we go through because he has been there. As a side note, Jared Willson‘s tweet this morning portrays this beautifully: This date in ’01 I held my 4 mo. old & watched 2nd tower come down live. This morn I wake to my 2 daughters reading Scripture. God is good.

God is just: He punishes sin. God is good: He saves us by His grace. God is holy and sovereign: He has given us His word and will and promises to finish a great work in us.


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