Lead 2010

It has been a while since we posted anything here. Between my engagement, school, Atmosphere, and other upcoming changes in my life (which you will hear of soon), it has been difficult to be faithful to this blog.

However, I would like to take today and do some last minute promoting of the upcoming conference that Atmosphere and the Gospel Alliance are teaming up on:

From the website:

There is a renewal happening in New England, in Jesus’ church. It amazes us how quickly God is drawing men of character and conviction to our region, as well as the work He is doing among those who have ministered here for a long time. There is a movement back toward the centrality of the gospel. Though we feel fully inadequate, God has pushed some of us forward to help, leading others as they think through and apply the gospel to all of life.

Lead2010 exists as a strategic gathering of people and ministries from the northern New England region, aimed at clarifying the gospel (and it’s relation to community and mission), and connecting the larger church (for future partnership and resourcing).

We are only about a week away from this, so this post is really meant to be a kick in the butt for anyone who has procrastinated about deciding to go. Today is the final day of the early registration price ($65) and it goes up to $90 tomorrow. There are still group discounts available, however, so the best thing would be to hit up the registration page for those details.

Also, we have a bunch of giveaways going on including the book Church Planter by Darren Patrick.

So please come! If you haven’t registered yet, I think you have till the end of today for the special price.


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