Everyone’s religious

It’s Sunday, and if you’re reading this, you may be getting religious soon. You may be headed to Church and hoping that no-one notices how bad your kids are being or how rude you are on your way in. Maybe you aren’t on your way to Church. Maybe you are sitting in your living room reading being happy about the fact that you aren’t like the religious ones out there scrambling to get to Church on time. If you think you’ve escaped the aim of this post, you may need to change your mind about what makes up religion.

Me and you, and you and me

No matter what you have been taught in school or learned from your parents, everyone has religious tendencies. No where do you see this more than in retail. I once had a customer come to me and ask for a discount because she deserved one for being such a loyal customer. That’s religion. Any time you think you are deserving of something because you have done something good and right, you are guilty of religion. Religious people don’t trust Jesus with their salvation, they like Jesus but hope they can make it far enough without him. And, as I said, we are all guilty of it. Look at your own life. When have you said something like, “I deserve better than this”, or even, “God, I have worked hard for you and you repay me like this?!”

A rose by any other name…

Call it karma, shout, “What goes around, comes around,” say it anyway you want, it is still religion and it will kill you. If you adhere to the false religion that says you deserve better, you follow a lie. This lie will tell you that you should be proud of yourself for doing such a great job. It will also work at your fear and get you to think that you aren’t good enough for anything and that God will hate you if you don’t obey him.

But praise God for Jesus, who accepts people on  the sole basis of his goodness and mercy. We no longer have to work for salvation nor must we fear that he will fail, because he is God! Nothing fails when he is in control. Jesus hates religion, and so must we.


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