Life is changing

As Tim alluded to the other day, things are changing for me. Big time.

You know that I’m engaged to Emmalie Fellows, the beautiful woman I have been dating since October 25 of last year. But what you may not know is that we are actually getting married on January 1, 2011– 20 days from now. In the midst of all the wedding planning, there are other things going on.


Emmalie and I will be continuing our education at New England Bible College and working at the same time. We have an apartment lined up near the school, and I’ll be moving in next week. Also, God was gracious in giving me my current job at Home Depot and I’ll be able to easily transfer to the one in South Portland. Then, there’s my other job.

Good bye, Atmosphere

As we’ll be moving, going to school, and working down in South Portland, the time has come for me to bid my adieu to the ministry (and the people) I have grown to love. I have been with Atmosphere ever since we started in 2006. During this time I have worked with the worship bands, led some small groups, and been involved on the Adult Leadership Team. I have also been the star of some sweet videos like this one and its bloopers.

But God is working all things together for Emmalie and I. After we got engaged, I was offered the position of Youth Director at First Baptist Church of South Portland. We are currently meeting, praying, and planning with the other leaders there and will begin shortly after the first of the year. We are excited to see what happens in South Portland and are actively praying for the ministry down there.

So life is changing, but I am thankful that God remains the same. He is constant and his plan will be great in our lives. To my friends at Atmosphere and East Auburn, I’ll miss seeing you all and I’ll try to stay in touch. God bless!


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