Don’t Judge, God!

A few of my previous posts here have presented possible issues. I have claimed that everyone is religious in their hearts and always want to prove their own worth and deservedness through their actions. Then we saw that our views of God can be tainted by what we know about the fictional fat man of Christmas. The danger with us talking about God’s hatred of man’s religion is this: we can easily think that God is a big pushover sitting on a Lay-Z-Boy and eating chips while everyone does what ever they want on earth. And if we hear of his wrath against sinners, our response can easily be, “Don’t Judge!”

May it never be!

Is it true? Can we get away with anything we want because God is gracious and doesn’t want us to get religious? Of course not. Paul writes against this in Romans six and seven saying that we should not impose on the grace of God and slack off. God does command works. His Law is in place to be followed. Granted, we cannot follow it on our own, but just because we are unable to follow the law does not mean we give up! If Christ is in our lives, we are to be serving him out of our love and gratitude for him.

If Christ isn’t in your life

Having heard this, it becomes easy to think that god won’t judge you if you don’t follow his law. For the unbeliever, the Bible is full of references to the torment the ungodly evil doers (all of us apart from Christ) will face in Hell apart from Jesus. But those who are in Christ are a new creation and have the ability to do good and follow God’s law as they are considered righteous. Let us not go into life thinking that we can be irreverent just because we want to hate religion. Yes, hate the work of aimless religion, but don’t stop believing in Christ for salvation and doing that which he has predestined you to do.


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