Changing roles

It seems like forever since I have written anything here. But as you may know, the last few weeks have been crazy for me. I got married on the first of the month and my wife and I have been working on setting up our home and getting situated in our new church family where I am serving as the new Youth Director.

In addition to that, I have been thinking through how to transition into this role effectively. And while I still don’t know if I’m doing it right, I have shared some thoughts over at Josh Cousineau’s blog to help anyone else with this kind of transition. Here a piece of it:

The honeymoon will end

When starting in a new church, it is easy to expect that great things will happen there and forget that you are still dealing with sinful people. Discouragement, heartache and let downs all happen in ministry. You might think the problems stayed at your old church, but you’ll eventually realize they can be found anywhere. When relocating, do not let your relationship with Christ fall off the moving truck. Your chief advocate and closest friend is the one who will understand every need that you have. Spend time praying for him to lead you, and seek his counsel daily. Pray with your pastors, your wife and your family. Pray without ceasing. Seek the guidance of the Spirit to see you through the move. The honeymoon will end, but you are in ministry indefinitely. Make it count by staying close to Christ.

For the rest, head over to Josh’s blog. I hope this is a blessing in whatever context you might be in!

PS: a huge thank you to my wife, Emmalie, for making this post a lot shorter than it originally was!



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