A test of context

Regarding the post from Wednesday, I’d like to give an example of an improper interpretation. Watch the video below, then read the comment I found underneath it:

The comment:

I seem to be both, I believe in a few traditions, that should stay, but at the same time many need to go (cough cough hymns)

A couple of things to note:

  1. Driscoll wasn’t talking about getting rid of traditions versus keeping them, he was talking about being a believer in Christ and how easy it is to fall into religion or rebellion.
  2. Traditions aren’t evil in and of themselves, we are evil in and of ourselves.

I don’t stand behind everything that Driscoll says, but I do enjoy it when people actually understand what others are saying and don’t simply say the first thing to come to mind. And thus, the circle is complete, back to the first post on this topic.


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