Life is often times discouraging. People let you down, leave the Church, forsake the faith, and overall, are just as sinful as you. I know people who have been so discouraged and distressed about their church that they have left the ministry over it. In light of this, I’m reminded of what a great friend and mentor of mine once said:

We must always keep the rewards and blessings of our ministry and calling before us to prevent our hearts from being discouraged- Matt Wallace

Cloud of witnesses

We must first remember that there is a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us. Hebrews 11 and 12 speak of those who came before us who had faith that God was working. These were servants who were persecuted, slaughtered, misled, betrayed, led through the wilderness, and dejected, but still had faith that God would deliver them. And he did, not because they were strong, but because he is faithful.

For the hope set before him

The greatest hope that we have is that of Christ. We can look at God who became man and remember that he is worthy of all our praise because for the hope set before him, he endured the greatest shame and discouragement at the cross. No one else has been through that on our behalf and he wants us to remember his suffering in that.

What is the greatest reward? Jesus. What is the greatest blessing? Being used by him. We long to be used by him for his glory, and though it doesn’t always seem that way, Jesus is using our ministries in some way. Pray that the Spirit will reveal to your heart the encouragement you need.

On this note, I have stumbled across this song by Laura Story. The powerful truth behind it is that God is showing his great mercy and blessings even when we think he’s letting us down. Listen, and worship our savior:


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