I’ll be here

In the past few months there has been increased talk regarding the supposed upcoming “Judgment Day” that has been proposed by some false prophets of our day. They claim that May 21 is going to be judgment day and that our world will be destroyed five months later, on October 21. As I don’t wish to aid in this deception, I won’t post the group’s website, this article should suffice.

A few things to ponder

Although the group claims to have the 411 on Scripture, their attempted denial of Christ’s words in Mark 13.32 is laughable, as is much of their handling of the Word. They claim to pay attention to context, but neglect that 2 Peter 3.1-10 is more about God’s faithfulness to His Word, and less about when judgment will occur; all the while, claiming that it supports a more spiritual reading of the account of Noah (which is how they calculate the “end of the world”).

It should also be noted that, according to the article above (and many other sites including Harold Camping’s own book) he has said this before regarding the year 1994, but according to their own site, he now believes that 1994 was when the first part of the tribulation ended and 1988 is when the Church age ended.

Our Role

As the title alludes to, I believe that we’ll still be here on May 21. But what should we do and say in regards to this claim? Three things:

  • Be bold | We need to be firm in the truth of Scripture. Jesus told us that the only thing that matters is Him and his kingdom and that it is not for us to know times and seasons (Acts 1.7), and we are to be faithful to him. So we need to boldly proclaim that Harold Camping and others that follow him are liars. Period.
  • Pray | Pray for Camping and his followers to turn back to the truth. Pray for everyone who has been and will be mislead. Pray for the Church in general, that she will be faithful under the trial that will come as a result of Camping’s false predictions (as many in the world have taken to it and it could be a grand smear against the name of Christ). Also pray for those who don’t know Jesus, that they will look past this fringe group and see Christ.
  • Go about your business | In 2 Thessalonians 3.6-15, Paul told the Thessalonians to continue working while they waited for Christ’s coming, that is the same command we have now, and a great proof against this liar. If we knew when the date of Christ’s return was, would we still apply this passage to our lives? Why not just buy some groceries for the rest of the week and not bother with doing anything? As believers, we need to just keep living our lives in godliness and pursuing the truth of Christ, not the lies of others.
Pray daily.

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