As Christ is head

Emmalie and I finally got the chance to sit down and watch Fireproof the other night, and we really enjoyed it. The not-so-great acting aside, I really felt as though the makers captured well the truth of Jesus and how he needs to impact marriages. This is not an official review as much as it is an exhortation to buy (or at least rent/borrow) this film. I do think that believing couples should watch this and be encouraged by the love of Christ. (You can purchase it here)

The love of Christ

That is the most important theme of the film and must be our motivation, guide and example as Christian men in our homes. The best part of the movie was when Caleb (Kirk Cameron)’s dad told him that his problem was in experiencing the love of Christ. If he simply understood that Jesus forsook all that he had for our sake and that we as men must in the same way die to ourselves for our wives, his marriage would stand a chance. Otherwise, all was hopeless. Isn’t this our hope as believers any way? That Jesus is enough for us, so we are able to live for Him, the one who died and came back to life?

Lead me

This conversation brings me again to the great song Lead Me by Sanctus Real. This song is filled with great truth and should be the anthem of every man who desired to see his family love Jesus more than anything. The message is that our families are our primary ministries. View it below and be sure to check out why the lead singer wrote it.


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