Safe behind our walls

I was struck by this picture from’s Big Picture Blog last month (You may wish to click through to the actual site).

Can’t you see the flood?

If you’ll notice, those are two baseball teams carrying on as normal behind flood walls built to keep the water off the field. Now, this isn’t a post about what the teams should have been doing, although it may have been wise to forgo their game on the behalf of serving the cities around them. But they played on, business as usual, regardless of the fact that there were very few in attendance at this game (as noted by the empty seats) because, “We always have baseball! We can’t change our season for the flood!”

Come out from there

This is a great picture of the Church sometimes. We get into a rut saying, “This is the way we’ve done things forever, and it works! We just need bigger programs to draw people in and bigger walls to keep the bad stuff out!” Then the numbers dwindle, and we wonder why people aren’t showing up for game day. What if we focused on coming out from behind our walls and ministering to those in our communities. This doesn’t mean stop going to Church, but instead means that we should not neglect meeting together meanwhile¬†remembering our neighbors, caring about them, seeking their welfare, and bringing God’s love.

Am I good at leaving my walls behind? No. Quite frankly, I’m not good at it at all. I need the Spirit to guide me greatly through that. What are some ways in which you minister to neighbors? Do you?


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