Sick of walls and programs?

Maybe you’re like me and you don’t want to be stuck behind your tight walls building your programs while the world is flooded around you. So what do we do? How do we get out of the program driven and Spirit-less ruts that we find ourselves in? How do we get into the world?


We need to cling to Jesus and recognize that He is building His Church however He wills it. But we also must claim the resources that Christ has given us. First, He gave us Himself for our sake that we might be His righteousness and serve Him as ambassadors. Then, He gave us His Spirit in order that we might look to Him and seek His guidance in all things always. He also gave us a cloud of witnesses that has gone before us to pave the way in life and ministry.

In ministry, we must let the Spirit lead at all times, but we also must look to biblical resources. In that vein, I submit to you Lead 2011.

If it’s anything like before…

This is going to be a great time of connection and teaching from a couple of really great, Spirit-led teachers. Josh Cousineau along with Atmosphere Church and The Gospel Alliance NE will be hosting the conference this November 11-12 at East Auburn Baptist Church. This year, we’ll be seeing Matt Chandler and Ray Ortland along with Jared Wilson and a few others coming to speak on the Enduring Gospel: the truth that the Gospel is enough for change in our Churches in New England and across the World. I’m planning on being there, will you join me? The cost for early registration (now) is $70 per person, but if you register with a group it is only $50 per person.

Register here.






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