What He Must Be…

…If he wants to marry my daughter

Voddie Baucham Jr. tells us much in this short but heavy read. Written originally for women seeking men, and fathers that would give their daughters away, this book has massively beneficial implications for young men seeking to be husbands. Baucham calls us men to faithfulness and maturity in Christ. He writes,

A young man who is worthy of a wife will have  a clear understanding of the covenantal nature of marriage.

With these words, however, Baucham is applying the grace and instruction of the Gospel to young men and fathers and daughters.

What the dad must be

The main point of this book is that fathers need to have an actively loving relationship with their daughters in guiding them on whom they would marry. This concept is incredibly unpopular. What? the woman may exclaim, My dad needs to be involved in my selection of a husband? Why on earth would I allow that? And if the father has not been faithful in leading his daughter up till that point, Baucham argues, her question is legitimate. So this book is  a calling to the fathers to train their daughters to seek a good man.

I agreed with almost everything in this book, and I recognize that many believers today will not see his point and even get angry with the things that Baucham puts forward. If you are a father giving his daughter away, a daughter about to get married (or looking for her husband), or even a future son-in-law, you should read this book. It drips with the Gospel as applied to the life of the family.

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**This is the first of a series of reviews on books that deal with marriage. For a list of those books, click here.


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