To become holier

Yesterday marked six months since this:

Six months and counting

I have been incredibly blessed by God to have Emmalie as my bride. The grace that she has shown me has been a great showing of God’s loving kindness for us. We are in no way perfect people, but God has used her in my life and me in hers for His glory. Praise be to our God for that! I have also learned some things over these past few months.

The chief thing I have realized increasingly is that which should be remembered daily: I am more of a sinner than I would ever dare to admit, and God is more gracious and holy than I could ever imagine. When you intentionally devote yourself to a sinner just like you, you figure out how great of a sinner you really are. I have found out that my words decisions affect more than just me. I have discovered my selfishness. Yes, God is using my marriage with Emmalie to make me holy first, happiness was and is always secondary to our growth in holiness together. I pray we never forget that.

To my beautiful bride, Emmalie, I love you and am excited to spend the rest of God’s appointed time with you- as long as we both shall live- learning how to be redeemed sinners together.


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