Happy Birthday America!

If you know me well (and have followed this blog for some time) you know I have some things to say regarding our role as Christians in America. This year, I will only give a few bullets for us as believers to remember as we celebrate this great day:

  • It is right to celebrate our liberties as they have been given us by our founders. But don’t make your national freedom ultimate in your life. Freedom is a terrible God, but our God gives wonderful freedom.
  • Our citizenship as believers is first and foremost with Jesus and only second with our nation. Thus, our ultimate joy comes from Jesus and His love rather than our nation, which will fail us.
  • Because our citizenship is with Christ, we can worship together with every other believer in the world. This nation is where we live now, but our eternal home will be with Christ and those from across the world.
Let’s remember these great truths as we celebrate today! Also, pray for my brother-in-law as he is signing in with the Air Force today.

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