The Christian Husband

When Emmalie and I were going through marriage counseling, Pastor Phil assigned me some reading. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to think about this book, but was pleasantly surprised by the great emphasis on the gospel that Bob Lepine had when writing his marriage book, The Christian Husband: God’s Job Description for a Man’s Most Challenging Assignment.

True Manhood

Lepine breaks his discourse into three jam-packed sections on being a godly husband. But this is more than a moralistic book on good behavior. Each section begins with a mock interview that begs the question, How do I know I’m ready to be a godly husband? Am I leading and loving my wife (or soon to be wife) well?

He begins his answer to these inquiries by taking back masculinity from the worldly clutches that try to bind it. To be a man is to be a leader and a lover, while our fathers and mothers shape our view of manhood (for good or evil) things like the media, feminism, and our peers tend to distort the truth of what God created us to be. Lepine asserts that true manhood isn’t dictatorship in the home, neither is it passivity; it is a recognition of God’s ultimate authority and our need to follow Him in our leadership of others (much like this mentions). The whole book then begins to unwrap what we need to become true men in our homes.

The Gospel is Central

As Baucham talked about in his book, Lepine discusses at length the fact that our leadership and manhood are rooted in the Gospel. Only if we get Jesus and His cross and experience His saving and changing grace will we be able to lead well. Our reactions to others and our actions will be unholy without His changing Spirit in our hearts– even if we think we are doing well. He also emphasizes our need to follow the Savior’s example in our marriages. Jesus is the King, Prophet, and Priest for his bride (The Church) and so we need to be that for our families. Again, this is only possible through Christ’s power in our hearts.

This is a quick and excellent read for any man; please take the time to read it and apply the truth behind it!


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