This Happens

Sexual slavery exists in vast amounts around the world and just as the Church stood against slavery (think William Wilberforce) we must once again rise against the ever increasing act of human trafficking. Jesus bought us with a price and enabled us to stand for Him and His kingdom. Whether it be through the clutches of pornography, the vileness of prostitution, or the horrible scenes of child trafficking, this vileness has taken a hold of thousands of cities across the world. The Church must preach against it and take a stand to cease the actions of those who would be slave holders.

Where is it in our neighborhood? What can be done against it? A few Churches in Atlanta got together and put out a short fairy tale/parable displaying this horrible behavior. Please watch it (it’s about half an hour and is really intense) and remember, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.**

** Attributed to Edmund Burke


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