Holiness in Marriage

Here is something that Emmalie and I have found to be eternally true of our marriage:

Here’s one profound, awe-inspiring, worshipful truth that we’re beginning to learn along the way: Marriage isn’t primarily about the love story that exists between us, but it’s about what God has done in love to involve us in His story. 

There’s a whole lot of happiness to be had in marriage. But God-wrought holiness does not always come easily or feel happy—at times, it feels more like a mess.  But it is beautiful. Not because it’s about your story or mine, but because it’s about God’s.

Isn’t that encouraging when we think about our marriages? Look at our messy lives- how often do we despair over how things are going? Isn’t it encouraging to think that this is about God and not us? It’s about our holiness and not our happiness?

Read the whole post here.


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