Too much for a tweet

Sometimes, I read so many things that are worth sharing and want to put them out in bulk on facebook and twitter. However, that would not only annoy my followers, but also clutter up everyone’s news feeds. So here are today’s great reads:

If you’re going to College, here is a great post by Kevin DeYoung on College drinking. I didn’t read the article he references, but you can get the gist if you read his response. I appreciated his care in being biblical (you cannot condemn drinking from the Bible) but also wise (be careful with alcohol consumption around underage believers). If you or someone you know is going to college this fall, read this post and consider the implications of it.

I really appreciate Jared Wilson; especially when he puts out great lists for us to think and pray through. Two recent ones come to mind. First, Ten Reasons to Under Program Your Church hearkens back to a post of his from a year ago entitled The Awesomeness Driven Church. These both deal with the need of making God’s Word the main thing and not trying to over schedule and over impress everyone. Second, Seven Ways to Kill the Thanksgiving Impulse in Your Life is a great list of ways to stop being grateful. Definitely worth the read!

Did you know Josh Cousineau is planting a Church? Keep up with Redemption Hill via Josh’s Blog and twitter. Also be praying for them in this process!

That’s all! Back to studying.


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