Worshiping Well

The worship wars have come and for the most part gone. Not too many people are debating on what kind of music is “OK” for Church. The lines have more or less been drawn and nobody is really (publicly, at least) arguing over music anymore. So the past few posts (Authenticity and Words Matter)have not been meant to open up old wounds or to start new arguments. It’s my desire that the Church gains a greater heart for its Creator and Savior, which means that we sing with joy the great truths that are found throughout Scripture. With that said, we must ask ourselves some questions.

How attached are we?

Have you ever payed attention to people singing along with or listening to songs in a service? What do you notice the most about them? When do they get excited about the song they are hearing? When or why do they raise their hands? When the music crescendos, are there great lyrics that accompany it? Or is it just a rest where you stop singing and are praying (or texting, or talking to your neighbor, or shushing your kids, or…)?

The question is this: how many of us actually pay attention to the lyrics of the songs we are listening to? Put another way, if the music was to change, would you still be able to worship to the lyrics? Or would the song be ruined. Why would it be ruined? Be honest with yourself and God.

Time for change?

This question is at the root of every discussion regarding the music of the Church. There are many wonderful hymns that, quite frankly, could use new melodies. There are also hordes of contemporary songs with great tunes and horrible lyrics. Perhaps we need to change the tunes of some songs to make them more singable in this day and age. If that is the case, are you ready for the change?

Page CXVI is a great ministry that has done well in this area. I would encourage you to check out their music hereSovereign Grace Ministries also is doing a great job in that area of revamping older songs and creating great newer ones.


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