My mom wrote a book!

Actually, she has now published two books. But this is my mom’s first book published in English. From the back page:

In the country of Numeria, seventeen-year-old Miryana sells herself into slavery in a desparate attempt to save her mother’s life. Soon she finds herself on a journey across the country with Mr. Bucklin, an older rich gentleman who seems to mistake her for a criminal. Not very good at taking orders, Miryana struggles to please her master and convince him that she has committed no crime. As adventures and love come her way, she eventually finds out what Mr. Bucklin has known about her all along, and the secrets begin to add up. Hesitant to share her secrets with the man she loves, Miryana tries to remain faithful to her master and to ignore the voice of her heart.

From what I know about this project, it is a great story, and I look forward to reading it when I get a copy (which hopefully is soon)! It’s out just in time for Christmas and you can get it here:

Paperback | Hardcover | Amazon

As a side note, my beautiful wife, Emmalie, illustrated the map of Numeria on the inside cover. She did a great job as well!


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