Come What May

I just finished watching Come What May, a movie about a Patrick Henry College student who must choose between defending the truth and continuing his enrollment at PHC. Put out by Advent Film Group, this project was thought provoking and encouraging in many ways.

When does life begin?

That is the question that Caleb, the main character, faces as he joins the PHC Moot Court team. Along with his Moot Court partner (and hopeful girlfriend) Rachel, he embarks on the quest to prove that abortion is in violation of the Constitution, namely the 14th Amendment. Meanwhile, his mother is busy in the Supreme Court arguing the right of pregnant teens to have abortions without their parent’s knowledge. What this independent film lacked in quality (being only the first film made by this group of homeschoolers) it gained in creativity and depth. Throughout the whole movie, Caleb is bogged down by the question of whether or not he should argue against Roe v. Wade in their Moot Court Competition; a decision he knows will cost him his enrollment at PHC or the respect of his peers (including Rachel) there, depending on what he chooses.

Another Christian movie

You, like me, may complain that another movie has been made that inadvertently touts a prosperity gospel (like others which end with a bald man getting hair, a team winning their biggest game, a barren woman giving birth, etc, all because people started trusting God again). However, Come What May destroyed my expectations. Here are some things that I enjoyed and found encouraging from this film:

  • The End: Without giving it away, I’ll just say that the ending was a pleasant surprise; a breath of fresh air in the arena of Christian Films (unlike the one mentioned above). It isn’t what one would expect, which pleased me.
  • The story felt like it was going somewhere. This is important in any movie, but particularly in the realm of Christian Film making. If we are trying to gain some ground with our media, we need to be sure we’re saying something with what we’re making.
  • Aside from all the technical portions of this film that made it worth the watch, the subject matter was a beautiful one. This film is about the matter of abortion and how it is immoral, but before that it’s about sticking up for what is right come what may. Thus making it more far reaching than the subject of abortion.

I would encourage you to see this movie. You may disagree with some of its stances, but overall, Come What May is worth the watch.

In addition to the trailer above, here’s a pretty decent clip from the film:


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