Why do we love happy endings?

Spoiler alert! As I move forward in these Once Upon a Time posts, there may be cases where I give away the endings to certain episodes. So if you have yet to watch the episode, put off reading it until you have. This post corresponds to episode 3: Snow Falls.

If there is one thing that we like in entertainment, it’s happy endings. I have discussed this in a previous post, but it is beyond worth mentioning again. Think about it. Unless you’re a sucker for bad endings, you want the good guy to win, get the girl, etc. That’s why Star Wars Episode 5 ends with a hopeful note (Luke’s hand being repaired). It’s why the Matrix trilogy ends with a happy scene in some sort of new Matrix (yes, I agree the second and third movies weren’t that great). Even the last movie I discussed here had a happy ending (despite not having the padded “prosperity gospel” ending).

Why is this? Well, as with Once Upon a Time, movies, T.V. shows, et cetera are looking forward to the ultimate happy ending. It’s the world we all want! Like Snow White, we want that hero to come and rescue us. But unlike Prince Charming, Jesus is after more than just some jewels in a pouch, he’s after our hearts. But we continue to reject God and His plan. We have been attacked by His enemy and so desire to live a life apart from this God. In fact, we’re so bent on not wanting His ways, that we steal from Him daily. Yet He pursues us. When we were still sinners, He came after us. When we were dead in our trespasses, He died for us. This is the draw for us. We know there is something or someone out there who cares much for us, but because we refuse to see Him at times, other, less meaningful things become the focus. We replace this fountain of living water for broken cisterns that can hold no water. We replace our Charming for the pearls He carries.

This is part four in an ongoing series on finding the themes of Scripture in the television series Once Upon a Time. For previous posts, click the links below:


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