Journey to Rwanda

One thing I want to start doing more on this site is highlighting different ministries and people around the U.S. and World who are serving Christ well. We begin with Rachel Andreason.

Rachel is a college student at Eastern University and a part of our FBC family. Earlier this month, she began studying abroad in Rwanda. She explains,

My journey to Rwanda is through the study abroad program Go-Ed. The purpose of this program is to learn about peacekeeping and reconciliation. By going into Rwanda we are going to learn about the culture and the history. I am going into this country with an open mind, ready to learn and experience a new life.

Not only is Rwanda a third world nation, but it was the center of a quite horrific genocide in 1994. During this time, it was believed that one could find safety within Church buildings:

With 90% of the population being Christian, people believed they would find sanctuary and refuge in Churches. However, they found no mercy, the churches became main targets for massacres. In the Ntarama church they threw grenades inside killing many people, then went in and killed the rest with machetes, clubs, spikes, guns, and spears. Outside of the church there was two other small buildings: a worship center and a sunday school. People were actually worshiping and singing when the killers came. They killed without mercy. They brought babies into the sunday school room where they smashed and threw the babies against the wall. The wall inside is still stained with blood. The sunday school room was also used to rape and mutilate women… (Read the rest, here)




Think about that. Members of God’s Church, hoping to find physical refuge in that building, being tortured. How devastating. How bold of God’s people to rest in their Father as death’s blows came. Pray for continued healing in this country, as time hasn’t taken the pain from women like Saraphina (mentioned later in the post). Pray also that, as Rachel has commented on her blog, we would not forget our past or that of others.

Continue to pray for Rachel and her classmates as they learn much in Africa. Follow her blog, here.


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