Around the blog roll

Towards the beginning of last month, I saw a few great posts around the blog roll that I thought would be great to share with everyone. I’m finally getting to the place where I can get some stuff out here, so here they are!

Are tattoos sinful? In short, no. Here’s a great handling on that topic |

Many people outside the Church don’t realize that Christians are physically persecuted outside of the U.S. This is worth reading and the links are even more worth looking into. (see also VOM’s Thirteen Three) |

What happens when the Historicity of Adam is questioned? I’ve thought much about this recently and thought this article was a good demonstration of Adam’s importance |

There is much talk about working for the Kingdom of God as a whole and not one’s individual Church. While I agree on the importance of the Kingdom, here is a quick, great thought on why we need to remember our own Church family in the advancement of the Kingdom |


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