Red Hands 318

Here’s the third of my occasional links to other ministries and ministry leaders. See also the first and second.

My good friend Stephen Brush has begun a new Twitter account.


From his blog:

It’s the account I created to post information about Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking- especially Sex Trafficking- is something that I’m becoming more and more passionate about fighting and informing myself and others about. It’s something that everyone needs to be aware and knowledgeable about.

What about us?

Is this really a problem? Is Human Trafficking really still going on? Well, according to the CIA, there are 45,000-50,000 victims of sex slavery and trafficking each year in the U.S. alone. I cannot imagine how many others there are throughout the world. So what are we to do? Surely we must pray well for those who are trapped in this horrible slavery. But as the Church, it is our duty to act as well. Stephen has shared a few different links including one to another ministry: Unearthed (twitter).

I would encourage you to follow both of these as the Church continues to fight this war. And speaking of Human Trafficking, here is a gripping half-hour video that speaks through the analogy of The Candy Shop. I have posted this before, but it’s too good to leave out!


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