I have been so blessed to have many close friends that have helped me grow in grace over the years. In light of that, I have decided to share some of these with you. These are all great ministries that God is using for His glory.

First Baptist Church of South Portland is where I am currently serving as the youth director. Pastor Phil Andrukaitis has been a great mentor for the little time that I have know him, and I am pleased to serve alongside him at FBC. I am in charge of the youth group and Jr. and Sr. High Sunday Schools there.

East Auburn Baptist Church is where I got most of my hands on ministry training. The ministry staff there has been irreplaceable in my life.

Redemption Hill is the Church founded by my personal friend and mentor Josh Cousineau along with other great friends of mine. They exist to reach people in the Greater Auburn area with deep community and a deeper gospel. (Also, follow Josh Cousineau here).

New England Bible College is where I graduated college. This is a small Bible College in South Portland that has enabled me to grow and learn the truths needed for serving (and eventually pastoring) meanwhile allowing me to serve in practical ministry in order to put into practice what I learned.

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