What I’ve been up to and why you haven’t heard from me

It’s that time of year again where I lament the fact that I have been missing out on posting lately. In fact, I almost had a post in time for Easter, but it didn’t come together when I wanted it to. So for now, you’ll have to settle for this year’s installment of “Where’s Jakob?” And no, I won’t be wearing a red and white striped suit while hiding among mythical creatures in strange environments.


There are many exciting things happening with the Church in general and the youth ministry in particular. I have been working with the music teams every other week for almost a year now, and we have seen some good growth and connective-ness in the teams and individuals on them. We’re glad to be serving in this way!

Likewise, although the youth group remains small (numbers wise) we have had great chances to partner with other Churches to do fun and constructive events (snow camp, tubing, community service, etc).


Emmalie and I will be graduating at the beginning of May; she with an AA and I with a BA in Biblical Studies. We have been working hard at finishing which means many a long night working on homework and trying to squeeze time in together. With the end in sight, we hope we can finish well and continue to serve God as greatly as possible.

Life in general

I am still employed with the Home Depot and Emmalie remains at the local nursing home as the receptionist. The cool thing, though, is that she will be beginning a part time job as the Church secretary in mid-April. We’re excited about this and are looking forward to her extended ministry within the Church (she already teaches Sunday School faithfully!).

The Calling

Lastly, I have been working with the Gospel Alliance on the Calling Youth Conference for the greater part of this year. This is a one-day conference being held at our Church (FBC in South Portland) next Saturday which will hopefully see a good number of youth leaders, students, and even their parents as we seek to encourage and discuss the idea of the message of Jesus being the one thing that restores the brokenness of the world. (Shameless plug, for more information: www.callingyouth.com . There are free books involved as well: http://gospelalliancene.com/free-books-for-all-who-attend-the-calling/).

Thanks for listening in! As I mentioned, graduation is in May… we’ll see what happens at this blog site then!

My brother is 16!

Happy birthday to my younger brother, Jonathan!

jonathanI can’t believe that you’re 16! I hope today is an awesome time of… well, school. But then fun times with whoever you hang out with.

I’m honored to call you my brother and love your heart for Christ. Emmalie and I are praying for you, man. Thanks for still liking to spend time with us on occasion, and we look forward to more of that once you start driving. So get on that!

Love ya man!